Building Business Credit

Establishing business credit is an important step for any business owner or entrepreneur. Business credit can give you access to capital, help you manage cash flow, and improve your chances of getting approved for loans and lines of credit. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

-Get a D-U-N-S Number
The first step to building business credit is to get a D-U-N-S number from Dun & Bradstreet. This number is used by creditors to identify your business and track your creditworthiness. You can apply for a D-U-N-S number online, and it’s free to do so.

-Register with the Secretary of State
The next step is to register your business with the Secretary of State in the state where your business is located. This will help ensure that creditors can find information about your business if they need to.

-Open a Business Bank Account
Opening a business bank account is another important step in the process of building business credit. This will give creditors another way to track your payment history and see how well you manage your finances.

-Apply for Net 30 accounts
One of the best ways to build business credit is to apply for net 30 with suppliers. This means that you’ll pay for goods or services after you receive them, rather than up front. Paying on time will help improve your payment history, which is one of the most important factors in determining your creditworthiness.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to help build business credit for your business. By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to establish a good credit history, which will give you access to capital and make it easier to get approved for loans and lines of credit in the future.

UK Safety Fears for CBD Products

Sounds crazy right? Feeling that your safety and health is in danger from CBD products? Huh??

Within the next year, the FSA (Federal Standards Agency) has warned that any product containing CBD is facing the possibility of being removed out of stores and off the shelves if they are not providing more safety information on CBD products being sold and distributed in the United Kingdom.

Being that CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in a marijuana plant, this means that it does not contain any THC — which is a compound found in the same plant that gives you the feeling of being high.

Therefore, CBD is not a product that gives you the sensation of feeling altered or not in a sober state, like weed and THC is known for.

In recent times, CBD products have become a major hot commodity — selling and distributing anything from CBD foods to supplements, candy, shampoo, etc.

Although, last week the Federal Standards Agency put out a warning to specifically woman who are mothers, pregnant, or currently breastfeeding. The FSA stated that if a woman is currently in one of these states, she should not be consuming or using any product that contains CBD in it. An overall statement was made to the general public to be cautious in even consuming more than 70mg of CBD.

This was a major threat to CBD businesses in the UK for the fact that if they are not providing more safety information regarding the use of CBD products, their products will be taken off the shelves by the beginning of the next upcoming year.

The exact statement made from the CEO of the FSA said:

“The CBD industry must provide more information about the safety and contents of these products to the regulator before 31 March 2021, or the products will be taken off the shelves. Also today, we are advising that CBD could be risky for vulnerable groups, and suggesting an upper limit of 70mg a day for everyone else taking the product.”

Although, they have also stated and confirmed that anyone taking CBD for medicinal use is permitted to continue their consumption and use without being affected in any way.

Crazy, right?!

CBD for Pets

Yes! You heard that right — CBD for your PETS.

We know that you love all the benefits that CBD oil provides for you. Why can’t your pet enjoy those same benefits that you experience?

Your dog and cat has an endocannabinoid system that has the capability to interact with CBD just like you do. Of course it is necessary that your pet is getting the correct dosage and formulations based on their size — that’s easy.

Some people love their furry friend more than they love themselves, so why not increase their quality of life by integrating the use of CBD into their lives!

The big question: How will CBD benefit my pet?

CBD will benefit your furry friend the same way it benefits you. Our pet tinctures come in 250MG and 500MG. As previously stated, it is important your pet is getting the correct dosage. If your furry friend is smaller, the 250MG concentration might be best for them, and if he/she is a little bigger, the 500MG dosage will do the trick.

Our CBD oil that is used across all of our products is 100% organically grown and extracted from hemp plants in the United States. We ensure that all of our products come from only the purest, highest quality extracted oil.

All of our products are third party tested so you can feel absolutely secure about your pet consuming CBD.

Now, head over to our product selection page and take a look at our tincture options for your pet.

Here’s to a healthy lifestyle for you AND your furry friend!

European Hemp Agency considering labeling CBD a “Narcotic”

On Friday, the European Industrial Hemp Association stated that any “Novel Food” needs to stop production immediately as the European Commission considers labeling hemp-derived CBD as a narcotic…

Crazy, right?

The EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) has made a public statement noting that this implementation “will deprive farmers and food business operators from a market opportunity that is bound to generate important revenue in these times of crisis.”

Unlike CBD products that are hemp-derived, synthetically produced CBD would not be labeled a narcotic by the European Commission — a decision EIHA called “nonsense from a scientific and environmental point of view.”

CBD is truly the healthy alternative to every drug labeled under a narcotic category and even considering CBD as a narcotic seems nonsense to me and most likely every other person involved in the CBD world.

CBD for Recovery

If you know the effects of CBD, you may know that it is one of the most interesting and unique health & wellness products on the market right now. CBD offers many health benefits, and leaves an open door to the various ways it can be used to help you.

It is no secret that CBD can benefit you in many ways, with help in coping with various health issues. As previously stated in past blogs, CBD oil helps with anxiety, insomnia, pain, depression, mental health issues, etc.

Now — how does CBD help with muscle recovery? Not necessarily pain, such as joint or back pain — but muscle recovery from sports or a workout. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties in CBD oil, it will help you recover much quicker, so you are able to get back in the gym with less recovery time needed.

After a hard workout in the gym, we all feel it the next day; the tight muscles, trouble walking up and down the stairs. Our muscles get torn when we workout, and it is important to take the time to allow or muscles to recover to come back stronger than before. For a quicker recovery time to get back in the gym for another workout, many people resort to pills and supplements to relieve their pain.

We have a better alternative for you…

There has been many tests and articles to show that CBD oil has influenced suppressing cytokine, chemokine, and T-regulatory cell production which speeds up the recovery process for your muscles to heal faster so you can get back in the gym.

If you are a serious athlete, it is important to know that CBD is the only cannabinoid that is legal to use in a sports setting and can benefit you the same way that regular pills and supplements would — just in a much healthier and safer manner.

Let’s sum it up for you on how CBD can benefit athletes:

It is a major pain reliever.

It is a much safer and healthier alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and opioids.

Anti-inflammatory properties for your muscles.

And many many more…

See what dosage is best for you, and get back in the gym with a faster recovery time than usual.

CBD for Pain Relief

Back pain? Neck pain? Sore from yesterday’s workout?

Say no more.

Although there is no distinct published clinical clinical trials on CBD for pain, many studies have demonstrated that CBD reduces inflammation and pain. CBD in humans show that the experienced pain is easily-tolerated pain — tending to have positive experiences. It is reported and proven that CBD is used for anxiety, sleep, pain — all in the same category as chronic pain.

Don’t resort to the unhealthy alternative such as opioid pain killers, sleeping pills, or anxiety medication. Instead of taking these neurologically changing drugs, try CBD oil for your pain. Although many people resort to smoking marijuana as a form of pain relief — bottom line is putting any form of smoke in your lungs is harmful to your health and has been associated with lung disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Ready to try it out?

Before anything, it is important to know that you are getting your CBD products from a reputable source. CBD is not regulated or FDA approved to treat diseases, so make sure you are ensuring that the products you are purchasing have been tested by a 3rd party lab. We don’t want you to end up with a product that has been contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals. CBD is best consumed in the form of a pill for slow extended release or in the oral form of an infused oil for a faster effect.

Now, it is important to start with a low dosage and experiment with what may be best for you and your desired results from the CBD. Start low until your symptoms of pain start to feel better; increase your dosage over a span of a few weeks if needed. Lastly, check your state laws for CBD before purchasing and ordering.

If you’re experiencing any form of physical pain, why not try it out? It’s completely worth a shot, and it WORKS. Check out our catalog of CBD products and tinctures that will ease your pain — guaranteed. If the idea of taking anything orally scares you, we have CBD pain patches and roll-on gels that will get the job done.

Here’s to a pain free life. Cheers.

CBD for Sleep and Insomnia

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Tossing and turning?

Here’s your solution.

Many studies have proven that CBD has been found to hold many health benefits for symptoms like insomnia. Differing from THC, CBD does not give you the feeling or effects of a “high.” As CBD interacts with receptors CB1 and CB2 in your brain, the cannabinoids attach to these cells — causing various effects that promote better sleeping habits, as well as many other health benefits in general.

Now, here’s the evidence:

A study my Medicines took 409 people who experience insomnia and regular troubles sleeping at night. This data was collected from June 2016 to May 2018 — a 2 year period. On average, these people rated their bad sleeping problems to be a 6.6/10. This experiment used THC cannabis flower consisting of several cannabinoids. Although the participants experienced much better sleep, it was hard to determine whether the relief of their sleeping problems were due to the CBD or a differing cannabinoid in the THC. Although, the participants rated their sleep issues to be a 2.2/10 on average — resulting in a decrease of 4.5. This goes to show that possibly a higher dosage of CBD oil that contains high amounts of cannabinoids that are promoting easier sleep might be best for you to get a good night’s rest.

CBD comes in various forms that you are able to consume. Although it is extracted from the cannabis plant, in which is turned into CBD oil, it is harvested much different than THC flower would be. The CBD hemp that you consume is coming from the seeds and stocks of the plant — which contains a much lesser THC count than regular flower would.

CBD comes in various forms such as: Edibles (cooking, gummy bears, coffee, cake, etc), Vaporing form (vape pen that is to be inhaled), and Tinctures (liquid oil dispensed by a dropper to be put under your tongue, in your water, etc).

For CBD oil to be used in tinctures, they come in various concentration dosages. The exact dosage to help your sleep issues are relative and vary from each person — talk to your doctor to see what dosage would be best for specific sleeping issues.

Now go catch your Zzz’s….

Sweet dreams.

CBD for Anxiety

The human brain and body consist of many different receptors that are chemical structures attached to your cells. Your brain sends these receptors different signals that stimulate you to feel a certain type of way in a given situation.

When using CBD, your nervous system receptors CB1 and CB2 are signaled and being interacted with.

After these receptors are signaled, your body releases serotonin into your body, which plays a massive role with how you are feeling in the moment (your mood). When you have high amounts of serotonin in you, you will tend to feel much happier, excited, and energetic. Low serotonin levels are typically associated with depressed and in some cases, it can cause serious anxiety.

People who experience this feeling of low serotonin in their body will typically resort to prescription medicine that may help them temporarily — but will have long-term side effects that can hurt their health in the long run.

Hundreds of studies have shown that CBD is very beneficial to people who struggle with anxiety, and even help PTSD symptoms and insomnia.

If you are interested in trying CBD Oil for your anxiety or sleeping problems, talk to your doctor. They can help you figure out a good starting dosage that is right for you.

Ensuring Your Success in CBD Drop-Shipping

First — let’s start off with the basics. What exactly is CBD?

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which consists of many chemical compounds found in the hemp plant that creates CBD itself. This plant acts on cannabinoid receptors in your brain that alters neurotransmitters — similar to how marijuana would give you the feeling of being high.

In more recent times, CBD has started to gain a lot of popularity for its beneficial healing properties for your body. As you may know, CBD has strong anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and many pain-relieving properties.

Although CBD is a controlled substance under the United Nations drug control conventions, it is important to look into the laws of each state in the US — or if you are interested in drop-shipping overseas, look into the laws and regulations for Hemp CBD in other countries.

Now, let’s get to the drop-shipping side of things…

As you may know, CBD comes in many forms such as: edibles, topicals, tinctures, vape concentrates, flower, capsules, gel, etc.

It is completely legal to ship all of these, as USPS issues new guidelines in 2019 for sending hemp-derived products through the mail. The only big rule is to ensure that these products being sent through mail contain less than 0.3% THC.

Are you ready to launch your very own online drop-shipping CBD store?

You’re at the right place. Let’s make it happen.

Here’s the best part — with CBDStartup, all you do is drive traffic to your store and we’ll handle the ALL the rest. Check out our different templates for what you think would be best for you and the success for your store. You carry no inventory — we’ll fulfill all of your orders. Again, your only focus is driving traffic to your store.

Now, I think it’s time for you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of…

Global Cannabinoids Announces New Platform to Launch Your Hemp CBD Brand, On-line Store, Merchant Account Processing, and Direct to Consumer Drop Shipping Service – Instantly!

 LAS VEGAS, NV, March 05, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Global Cannabinoids is pleased to announce the launch of their new platform called which makes launching your own CBD brand easier than ever! In addition to this, can now drop ship your orders directly to your customers. The team at Global Cannabinoids has partnered with experts in the 3rd party logistics industry to launch this new platform which allow customers to now launch their CBD brand, website, and credit card processing in less than 24 hours! makes it easier than ever to launch your CBD brand. In the click of a button, and for a small monthly fee, simply upload your logo and we will do the rest! Within 24 hours we will set up your website, get you instantly approved for credit card processing, and have your hemp CBD brand online and ready to accept sales! In addition to this, if you have a website currently selling CBD products, we can now warehouse and drop ship directly to your customers allowing you to concentrate on sales and less on pick, packing, and shipping. leverages the high quality white label CBD products manufactured by Global Cannabinoids to make available a large selection of the top selling CBD products ready to have your label applied and the product shipped directly to your customers. Products available for immediate distribution include CBD drops, CBG drops, CBD patches, CBD for pets, CBD topicals, CBD skin care and beauty, CBD softgels, CBN products for sleep, and hemp protein powder. The program eliminates the need to maintain inventory, warehousing, packaging, and minimum order quantities. Once you send us your logo, our team of website developers set up your website within hours of signing up. Your logo is then uploaded to our system and placed on our fully compliant labels. As you sell, your labels are printed and placed on our CBD products that have been 3rd party lab tested and guaranteed to be the highest quality registered hemp derived CBD complete with a QR code for full transparency and traceability! As orders come in on your website, we deliver! It’s that simple.

If you already have a CBD brand, let the team at maintain your inventory, warehouse your products, and drop-ship directly to your customers. Customers can now focus more on selling, and less time on the logistics of delivering. For more information visit and see for yourself why starting your own CBD brand has never been easier or less expensive than ever before!

About Global Cannabinoids
Global Cannabinoids and their website is the largest bulk and wholesale B2B online distribution platform for bulk and wholesale USA grown hemp derived cannabinoid products in the world. has a database of over 70,000 customers and continues to experience massive growth. Global Cannabinoids customers include the leading medical marijuana brands, nutraceutical companies, veterinary industry, personal care, skin care companies, as well as Fortune 500 companies who are using CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and other hemp derived cannabinoids in various product formulations and research and development. Global Cannabinoids mission is to deliver the highest quality 3rd party lab tested hemp derived cannabinoids as quickly as possible to their customers.

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