CBD for Pets

Yes! You heard that right — CBD for your PETS.

We know that you love all the benefits that CBD oil provides for you. Why can’t your pet enjoy those same benefits that you experience?

Your dog and cat has an endocannabinoid system that has the capability to interact with CBD just like you do. Of course it is necessary that your pet is getting the correct dosage and formulations based on their size — that’s easy.

Some people love their furry friend more than they love themselves, so why not increase their quality of life by integrating the use of CBD into their lives!

The big question: How will CBD benefit my pet?

CBD will benefit your furry friend the same way it benefits you. Our pet tinctures come in 250MG and 500MG. As previously stated, it is important your pet is getting the correct dosage. If your furry friend is smaller, the 250MG concentration might be best for them, and if he/she is a little bigger, the 500MG dosage will do the trick.

Our CBD oil that is used across all of our products is 100% organically grown and extracted from hemp plants in the United States. We ensure that all of our products come from only the purest, highest quality extracted oil.

All of our products are third party tested so you can feel absolutely secure about your pet consuming CBD.

Now, head over to our product selection page and take a look at our tincture options for your pet.

Here’s to a healthy lifestyle for you AND your furry friend!