Can I use my own domain and logo?

Absolutely! This is all about creating your own brand. You can purchase or use an existing domain and upload your logo into our platform and your store will be completely branded as yours.

Are there minimum product purchase requirements?

No. There is no need to purchase any products or labels upfront with our White-Label Print On-Demand Systems.

Do I need to find credit card processing?

As a store owner with our Instant Store Plan, we take care of all the merchant services.

Can I set shipping costs?

Yes, you’ll be able to set free shipping, flat rate shipping or dynamic shipping which charges the customer the exact rate so you dont have to cover the cost of postage. administration.

How do I track my sales?

We offer real time statistics on sales through your Finance Dashboard. Simply log in on your back office and check the sales and statistics information within your dashboard and you’ll be able to see every single order, customer, profit earned and so much more…

When do I get paid?

Payment will be made via bank transfer to your account provided in your back office every two weeks. Reports are generated on the 16th and end of the month. Your payments are sent the following day and can take 1-2 business days to receive.

Do I process any orders?

No, We handle everything business and fulfillment related. Your only focus is to drive customers to your online store once its built. We handle the processing, shipping, taxes and payouts. It can’t get any easier for you.

How much do I earn on each sale?

You can set your own prices on all the products and make the difference between your cost of goods and your sales price.

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