UK Safety Fears for CBD Products

Sounds crazy right? Feeling that your safety and health is in danger from CBD products? Huh??

Within the next year, the FSA (Federal Standards Agency) has warned that any product containing CBD is facing the possibility of being removed out of stores and off the shelves if they are not providing more safety information on CBD products being sold and distributed in the United Kingdom.

Being that CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in a marijuana plant, this means that it does not contain any THC — which is a compound found in the same plant that gives you the feeling of being high.

Therefore, CBD is not a product that gives you the sensation of feeling altered or not in a sober state, like weed and THC is known for.

In recent times, CBD products have become a major hot commodity — selling and distributing anything from CBD foods to supplements, candy, shampoo, etc.

Although, last week the Federal Standards Agency put out a warning to specifically woman who are mothers, pregnant, or currently breastfeeding. The FSA stated that if a woman is currently in one of these states, she should not be consuming or using any product that contains CBD in it. An overall statement was made to the general public to be cautious in even consuming more than 70mg of CBD.

This was a major threat to CBD businesses in the UK for the fact that if they are not providing more safety information regarding the use of CBD products, their products will be taken off the shelves by the beginning of the next upcoming year.

The exact statement made from the CEO of the FSA said:

“The CBD industry must provide more information about the safety and contents of these products to the regulator before 31 March 2021, or the products will be taken off the shelves. Also today, we are advising that CBD could be risky for vulnerable groups, and suggesting an upper limit of 70mg a day for everyone else taking the product.”

Although, they have also stated and confirmed that anyone taking CBD for medicinal use is permitted to continue their consumption and use without being affected in any way.

Crazy, right?!